Figure Study - 11.22.2023

by Tastytefi, November 22nd 2023 © 2023 Tastytefi

An hour study session of 30 second poses, 1 minute poses, a few 5 minute, a 10 minute, and then a 30 minute study.

Today felt SOOOO stiff to start. I had a hard time trying to focus on catching flow and movement to start, and felt pretty uncomfortable. But i'd like to think that if im uncomfortable, it means im learning :)

The last study felt fun! I switched brushes to an oil mixing one halfway through because I wanted to have fun with building value. Its a mess, but I like how it has parts that are more expressive than others.

Polyvios Animations

Greatest job on your custom drawing session. I love how much flow, form, tones, and shapes and fluidity in your slowest and fastest poses. Please keep on pushing yourself most to the greatest extreme!

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