It took sooo long, but I tried to get the anatomy right

by Naima, November 28th 2023 © 2023 Naima
Aunt Herbert

Your main masses look very good, conveying posture and tension.

With the limbs you got a bit distracted by adding details to each other without having found the underlying structure first, but that is probably also caused by you getting tired, as the drawing took longer, than you are used to, so I wouldn't worry about that.

Maybe looking up some tutorials focused on constructing shoulders, knees, hands and feet can add a few simplified solutions to your toolbox, to make your life a bit easier. On the other had, you aren't so far off either, and it might just take a bit more getting used to drawing them.

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Polyvios Animations

Greatest blocking out of the mostly complex of forms, indicating relaxation and tension. Greatest for you. But, the forces still seem too much on the blandness and boredom of your lines. Would you like to kindly go for all of the 76 minutes of 14 second figures and more?

The reason is totally as a result, you can and will be the mostly invested on the least anatomical complexity but the most clearest of simplest analogues. I have no idea of what drawing analogues is, but I think.....oh, heck, here's the video, which I hope is the one hoping to solve out our case.

For most details on drawing analogues, please look into the Betty Edwards book, Drawing From the Artist Within.

My hat's off to you.

Polyvios Animations

Here's the clickable link: