12/20/23, 1 hr class

by Aali, December 25th 2023 © 2023 Aali

This is my first upload to the site! My goal is to understand anatomy better and improve my rendering of forms. But of course I am open to critique on everything. I feel like I have the wrong habits when it comes to short gestures and a habit of lengthening figures vertically. Thank you!

Aunt Herbert

I love the shadow forms you found on the 25 minute drawing. The terminator is probably a bit over the top in contrast with the core shadow, if you aim for photorealism, but they give the model a playful, shiny aura, like a floating cherubim.

The fact, that you can actually spend 25 minutes effectively on a single pose, without ending up in confusion, is a clear indicator, that there can't be so much wrong with your shorties. Looking at them really intensely, at least I can't spot clear signs of bad habits.

Polyvios Animations

Hello, Aali.

You know, greatest jobs on your range of flow, fluidity, motions, and movements in your figures! But still, these poses are still too stiffest in gestures, and the constructions are too blandest and too sloppiest in your tone, delivery, and of course, execution yet. Why don't you like to please go ahead with a 10 minute drawn pose, all drawn underhandedly, initially, and all drawn while it's flipped horizontally but also vertically?

The reason is because your control and understanding of the human anatomy, particularly your upper and lower limbs will and can be sketched the least blandest, and the most solidest, fluidest, and loosest. For most details, study some figure illustrations from Scott's Understanding Comics for reference.

My hat's off to you and your goal.

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