10 minute pose

by Aunt Herbert, December 25th 2023 © 2023 Aunt Herbert

haven't been using charcoal for a while. it IS considerably easier than ink


Really love this one. Can feel the line of action from the head to the back leg. Particularly like the line confidence and the shapes used to make the head and the shoulder.

Proportion in the forearm feels off it could be the shading isn't helping communicate the foreshadowing.

Polyvios Animations

Hello again.

Again, greatest show of bone and muscle anatomy in the most plainest of visual terms, I absolutely love how much they work with the positive and negative spaces in the back ground; therefore, I think that the gesture could use the most satirization and exaggeration in your lines of action yet. How would you like to kindly go ahead with 71 minutes of 8 second scribbliest poses? (71x60=4260/8≈533 drawn attitudes, all drawn underhand, and all flipped vertical)

The logic behind this constructive suggestion/criticism is therefore, your lines of action can and will be the least stilted and the most dynamic, energetic, fluidest, flowing, and furthermore, liveliest, for they can and will be applied to your drawings from both memory and imagination, as they could and would on my drawings and paintings. For most of the other stuff, kindly look into a free library copy of Nick Meglin's Drawing From Within and any of the Betty Edwards books, including; Drawing From The Artist Within.

Let's hope they can and will work out for you.

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