Twist that torso, gosh darn it!

by Aunt Herbert, December 29th 2023 © 2023 Aunt Herbert

Testing out with how much of a torso twist I can somewhat get away with.... The anatomy of that upper shoulder showed me my limits...

Polyvios Animations

Hello and good morning again, Herbert. Welcome back. Say, you're doing a powerful fine job on your torque (twist and turn) of the torso and pelvis forces. I love how much bold dynamics, vitality, and power you've got into your forces, yet, this figure still seems too stiff, but it seems like you've sat down in your chair the whole time you were sketching. Would I suggest you go for drawing 70 minutes of 9 second poses, all drawn while you are standing up? (70x60=4200/9≈467 pose sketches)

The reason why you could and would go ahead with this constructive feedback is because it can and will loosen you up with light lines and lively results. For much more details, look into the Vilppu Drawing Manual PDF right down here.

Good luck from us to you, and Happy New Year.


I can feel the twist!!!

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