measuring so haaaaard TT----TT

by Aunt Herbert, December 31st 2023 © 2023 Aunt Herbert

petition to abandon all rules of geometry. having to stick to them is just so annoyingly haaaard.....

Polyvios Animations

Hello again.

Nicest works and shows of completely and totally loosening up your facial geometry of your facial forces, spaces, as well as forms, relationships, lights, shadows, and of course, the faceless of the faces. Yet, I'm still not getting enough of that craziest quality in your expressive gestures. How would you like to kindly go ahead with a 30 minute class mode of faces and facial expressions?

The reason why you would and could be most on board is because, first off, you can and will start off with warmups in your faces in fluidity and movement. And second of all, to be the most absolutely into the silhouettes of the heads. For most details, look into more practicing tips from the following title, The Little Book of Talent By Daniel Coyle.

Stare, Steal, And be willing to be stupid.

Let's hope they've been helpful and supportive.


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