90 degree turn

by Aunt Herbert, January 5th 2024 © 2024 Aunt Herbert

The left one is the result of a 5 min pose. The right one took me almost the whole day to do. especially finding some halfway recognizable shapes for the foreshortened forward food and leg drove me crazy

Polyvios Animations


Nicest job on recording and articulating your forces over forms on your 90° rotation of your balancing simplest pose. I absolutely love the forceful economics over compromise in your figure's gesture. ROCK ON! Yet, I'm still not getting enough of that most expressive exaggeration in your line confidence yet. How would you like to warm yourself up the most boldly and powerful with 10 minutes of 2 minute 90 degree poses? (5 sketches, all flipped horizontally)

The reasons why you could and would do this constructive suggestion is herefore, your lines will become even most observant from your right side of the brain, and finally, to make your lines of rhythm the least stiffest and the most fun to look at. For most information, please kindly look into the 2 Stanchfield books on Archive here, with another one inside.

Good luck for you.


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