by Naima, January 20th 2024 © 2024 Naima

Starting again to get more involved. It was fun just to draw aimlessly.


Hi Naima, you master the poses just fine, I can recognize most of the images of the site. I don't have much to say, only two little things :

- The forehead seems a little to prounounced.

- the right boob seems smaller than the other one (but maybe it is all about perspective)


Hi Tmxg,

great critique. I had a second look and agree 100 percent. Thank you for your feedback.

Polyvios Animations

Hello again,

Again, nicest works and jobs on your shapes, spaces, and of course, your forms of your figure drawings. Not to mention the simplest skeletal foundation complete with lines of 🥁. However, I'm not getting enough satirization in your lines of 🎵. Would you like to please loosen up your lines with 77 minutes of 11 second warmup poses? (77x60=4620/11=420 pose warmups)

The reason why is because your lines, shapes, spaces, and forms can and will become the most zaniest, craziest, as well as spontaneous, and of course, the most energetic yet. For most information, kindly download a copy of the Vilppu Drawing Manual on PDF HERE.

Please do keep up the greatest work.