January 26

by Parmilla, February 2nd 2024 © 2024 Parmilla
Polyvios Animations

Hello again, Parmilla. Greater job on your sense of flow, your sense of movement, your sense of edges, your sense of spaces, and of course, your sense of constructed forms. Consequently, I'm not getting enough of that sense of elasticity and plastic quality in your drawing practice. Would you like to please go with deciding on your goal being making your figures less stiffer but more livelier?

The reason why is if your start deciding on goals for you, then you'll sooner enough get out of your plateaus before they can happen. For more info, please look into The Little Book of Talent by Daniel Coyle.

Good luck, and thank you.


Hi Polyvios

Thanks a lot for your feedback! As you say i'm working on adding more elasticity and life to my figures, I'm struggling with it, thats true, thats why I should focus on it, and I'll check out The Little Book of Talent for sure.

I Appreciate the encouragement! Thnx


Hi, Parmilla! Your figures look very fluid and balanced; especially the torsion of the body on the right. You are by far a better artist than I am, but I think you could think more about the anatomy of the arms/hands. The way your bodies are shaped defines great movement overall, but the placement of the hands feels somewhat awkward. Either they are strained too much, leading to a stiff look at the end of the arm, or too droopy which throws me off slightly. Consistency with the flow of the arm into the hand might help rather than treating them as separate objects.

I hope my comment is useful, and good luck to you :).

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Hello Mamoca!

Thank you for your kind words and constructive feedback! I really appreciate your observations about the hands and arms, that was spot-on and I hadn't noticed it. I am definitely working on it to try to better integrate the hand into the arm's motion. Great artistic observation on your side, and good luck to you as well on your artistic journey!


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