Frog Off

by Steviebean, February 25th 2024 © 2024 Steviebean

Frog study

Polyvios Animations

Hello, Steviebean.

Greatest work on your frogs and toads, for they all remind me of any of the sketchbook drawings of those by Hokusai, in terms of how much gesture and space and relationships in the drawn execution. Yet, I'm really and evidently thrown off by the insufficient amount of plasticity of the line quality of those two amphibians. Why don't you kindly loosen up your line consistency and quality with 16 minutes of 2 minute amphibians, all flipped vertical, and all drawn directly and simply from your shoulders?

As a result, it can be just a flash in the pan unless it can and will make your amphibian constructions, lines of action, proportions, and silhouettes the least stilted and the most gutsiest, vital, and of course, most extremely energetic in the lines and the edges. For most tiniest details, please look into the Matessi book on Force Animal Drawing on or at your local bookshop, brick and mortar, or at your local library or at your home library.

Thank you.

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