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I liked a lot about it, but I aborted, when I got irritated by a bunch of messed up proportions

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Hello again, Herbert. I don't think your proportions are totally messed up, and I feel that these are all fluider and more intuitive with a stronger sense of appeal to the drawing. That's just the long and short of this critique. However, I'm still not getting enough of your looser and more expressive design in your figure sketch. Would you like to kindly go ahead with mixing any of the Heinrich Kley artwork with more figure studies, all done with 40 minutes of 10 minute exercises, all done from your dominant and non-dominant hands, and all done from your underhanded position of your pencils and pens and such.

Let's talk more quickly about Heinrich K. for a littler piece. He was one of the more greater German cartoonists and illustrators who ever lived. He was responsible for the more than excellent sketchbooks you could and would buy for your studies on Amazon.(myself included!) Here’s the book, and another!

The reason why you could and would and should go ahead with lightening up and loosening up your proportions and angles is because, like the Kley sketches, then your sketches can, shall, and will get better in terms of the drawing speed and proficiency and reliability. For most details, please study reference more sketches by Searle and others, too.

My hat's off to you.


While the proportions are off, I don't think they are as bad as you might think and it is still a cool piece! The shapes of the limbs and main body is well done, you just need to focus on how long/short each component is. The arms would be shorter and the back left leg would be longer. The front, right leg's thigh is much longer than the calf. A tip is that the calf and thigh are about the same length!

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