Beginnings after a lot of research lol

by Tuk843, March 13th 2024 © 2024 Tuk843

Ok so I'm new to this kinda even though I've been reading and watching videos on figure drawing for over a year. I started off wanting to just capture likeness with portraits but since had the urge to learn more. I find the 30 sec ones to be very helpful now that I'm over the fear of not completing. I know I have some ways to go but it's exciting.

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Welcome again, Tuk!

Once again, most stunning and outstanding work on your quickest animated figure sketches and gesture sketches. I love how much acting and action you've felt your way thru. I think you're doing it just right, but I feel that the caricature still needs most of the work. Would you like to caricature and construct the lines of action and rhythm with 46 minutes of 2 minute poses, all done from your non-dominant hand?

The reason why is because first, your right hand is controlled by your left side, and your left controls your right side, and lastly to make your gestures the least stiffest and the most boldest and powerful in your lightest touches. For most details, kindly look into the Drawn to Life series by Walt Stanchfield on Amazon.

Let's hope you'll find these totally and absolutely concrete.


I really like those I'm completely incapable of doing this ... these fast poses are really hard for me because by the time I understand what's going on, the pose as already change... I feel like you might have a little bit of the same issue... It looks like when the pose is clear for you, you have the best result : from the front or the side they look good (I really like the bottom left - 1 minute- I recognized the model and what she's doing!) but for 3/4 view it becomes harder to get the right proportion. I think it's mostly because it's done from picture... maybe doing a bit of real life drawing, 3D people in a librairy, at a restaurant or in a parc,... might be very usefull.


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