by Aunt Herbert, March 19th 2024 © 2024 Aunt Herbert
Polyvios Animations

Hello once more, Herbert.

Again, greatest works on your quickest of poses. I love those forces of the lines of balance and beauty and action, but I'm not getting enough of that most satirical stuff yet. Would you like to just please go ahead with 2 more hours and 53 minutes of 30 second poses, while going thru your cheapest pens and cheapest half-blank notebooks you've got?

The reason why is because you can and will and must be totally finest with making the ugliest of sketches and scribbles, so that you will be the bravest at your failures. For even most tips and tricks, kindly just refer to the Cartooning Manual by Ivan Brunetti and this video by Jake Parker:


Good luck from all of us to you, and thank you very much.


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