2 min gesture

by Lam Tanoki, March 20th 2024 © 2024 Lam Tanoki

Tried to capture more value than 1 min gesture drawing

Polyvios Animations

Good afternoon, Lam.

Once again, greater job on sense of exhibition of flow and motion and movement, but this pose is not getting enough of your more natural sense of cartooning and caricature yet. Would you care to just go for 13 minutes of 30 second sketches? (26 poses)

The reason is because, even though you won't get all your values down, which is not part of the goal, which is what I'll get into, which is getting more of that natural sense of cartooning and caricature, then please just bring it on. For more tips and tricks, kindly look into a Kindle of Drawn to Life by the sadly-no-longer-with-us, Walt Stanchfield. He was one of the greatest drawing teachers of Disney Animation Studios.

My hat's off to you, and thanks.

Lam Tanoki

Got it, I'll lose it up a little bit next time. I have a little bit of "hardcore" mentality so it will take some work on that part. Thank you!


From a quick observation, I see issues with overall proportions...
The legs are shrinked in comparison with torso. Usually legs are as long as torso, or longer. While here they are shorter. I would pay more attention to that, and try to catch general proportions before digging into further details ;)

Lam Tanoki

Thank you!

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