20.03.24 25 mins

by Aunt Herbert, March 20th 2024 © 2024 Aunt Herbert

I like to pimp up contrast and reduce brightness when scanning. I think it does look cool, but I am not so certain, whether it makes sense in a learning context. Anyone got an opinion on that?

Polyvios Animations

Hello again, Auntie.

Nicer job on your senses of forces, edges, spaces, silhouettes, and of course, relationships. Yet, I'm still not too satisfied with the more than confident form execution in your figures yet. So, how would you like to help speed up the process by doing another 1 hour drawing course of figure studies, while ghosting your pencils and sticks before actually drawing?

The reason, in Proko's videos, you can still see his hand twitching in midair before his tip can kiss the paper more lightly, but to help you draw your shapes and forms even more loosely and organically. For even more fun stuff, here is this one video.


Still, let's hope these have been completely and totally beneficial!


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