10 min drawing

by Lam Tanoki, March 23rd 2024 © 2024 Lam Tanoki
Polyvios Animations

Howdy again!

Say, Lam, you're still doing the most completely and totally consistent job on retaining the gestures through your constructions, lines of action, and of course, silhouettes. Greatest jobs indeed!!!! However, I'm still not getting enough still of your loosest, longest, largest, lightest, and of course, liveliest and quickest results of your roughest and quickest sketches yet. How would you love to just care to go ahead for 16 minutes of 30 second attitudes? (32 pose sketches) (Not to mention that you would and could also just go ahead with our interactive drawing tutorial if you haven't done so already)

The real reason why is consequently, to draw ugly, is not just to make uglier drawings, but to help you get your ideas and energies the most quickest and fastest possible. And the other reason is, so that you can and shall and will make you the most strongest and ambitious in your line economies.

So, for more and more important details, kindly look into some free videos on YouTube on gesture drawing, and some free PDFs on Archive.org, like the Vilppu Drawing Manual, and the Drawn to Life series.

My hat's off to you!😘

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Lam Tanoki

Thank you for your recommendation. I have purchase the drawn to life book to read more about it. I will try 30s next week

Aunt Herbert

When drawing shadows, I would recommend looking more for their shapes.

Feet and hands are often problematic for a lot of beginner artist, but there are also a bunch of tutorials online. If you research those, make sure it is not about detailing in every grub on the skin, but about simplifying hands and feet to simple geometric basics. That is way more useful for drawings at this scale.

Lam Tanoki

Thank you, I'll look it up


Think you captured the overall pose really well, good job! Two things I noticed that I think can be adjusted - 1) The legs seem to be drawn at different lengths, the leg in the back is a bit longer than the one in the front. 2) I think the front shoulder could be more round and bigger.

Lam Tanoki

Thank you!

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