30 seconds drawing

by Lam Tanoki, March 26th 2024 © 2024 Lam Tanoki
Polyvios Animations

Hello, Lam. Again, greatest work on your linear confidence of your lines of action and speed. But still, I'm still not satisfied with the most insufficient lines of action and rhythm yet. Why don't you kindly just work on yet another interactive tutorial here on our webpage, using your underhanded positions?

The logic behind this is, so that your line confidence can and will and must be improved most exponential. For most practice, please look into the Cartooning book by Ivan Brunetti.

Good luck to you. Thanks.

Lam Tanoki

Thank you for your recommendation. I will slow down to choose my line more carefully next time. Yeah, I need some time to read them Drawn to line collection too. I skim through it, such a great work

Aunt Herbert

I think you are using the 30 second sketches very well, searching for the most elemental lines that characterise each figure.

I would encourage you to dare to be even slower in your shorties, with fewer lines as a result, but more control over each line. That way you don't have to switch your drawing rhythm as much when alternating between sketches and finished works, and in the end ideally you will be able to expand every one of your sketches into a drawn out longtime study, without having to erase or overwrite your initial lines very much.

But read that recommendation as a gradual nudge into a direction, not as a fundamental or essential critic. You ARE on an extremely good path.

Lam Tanoki

Thank you for your recommendation. I will be more selective with my line next time. I recognized that I didn't know which line is good so i just draw a lot of scribbles. Hopefully it will get better next time.

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