Drawing 3.29.2024

by Iris Washington, March 29th 2024 © 2024 Iris Washington

Loved the model so much I paused the lesson.

I can use any and all tips for hands and feet because those things scare me! Haha

Aunt Herbert

First tip for hand and feet, don't be so scared. In a drawing in that scale you did the exactly correct thing: you reduced them to the overall geometric form without fiddling with details.

Also, I know that pose, and it looks simple, but somehow turns out harder to crack down into beautiful simple shapes, than it has a right to. You nailed it.

I like the contrast between hard straight lines and curves you have chosen, it gives both a dynamic of force, but keeps the very stylized showy nature of the pose.

The result feels a bit more like a marble detail on an art nouveau building than an actual person, but that also seems to be what the photographer of the reference was going for, so totally cudos for that.

Iris Washington

Thank you so so much! Your response made me feel so warm, and got me thinking about the hand situations. I might do best to just break them down in my sketches for now and not worry so much. Once the geometric stuff becomes second nature, I'll try those pesky fingers!

Polyvios Animations

Hello, Iris. Welcome. I'm Polyvios A. How are you doing?

Say, I think you've done spectacular work on boiling down the most rawest essences of the pose and hand and foot gestures above down to the completely basic lines and shapes and forces. But, as Aunt put it, this pose feels more closest to home like any marble statue in an Art Nouveau style in any modern home. Kudos to that. Therefore, the pose's and gesture's gestures don't seem to natural in caricature and feeling yet. How would you like to just kindly go ahead with our 30 minute class mode of figures, and the 30 minute class mode of hands and feet? All done from your non-dominant hand?

The logic behind these drawing classes is practically, your line and shape and space self-assurance can and will become even most totally and completely dopamine-enhanced with the least amount of time and the highest level of speed, instantly. So, for most info, please look into this quote:

To Learn a New Move, Exaggerate It.

-Daniel Coyle.

And the most of these inspirational stuff from The Little Book of Talent on Audible.

My hat's off to you and your boldest adventures in the art of drawing.


Fear is the mind killer, face your fear, permit it to pass over you and through you. And when it has gone past, turn the inner eye to see it’s path, Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only you will remain.

(Adapted version of "the litany against fear" from Dune by Frank Herbert)

If hands and feet scare you, dive into practicing until you feel comfortable with drawing them. Sounds obvious, but I have put things off due to fear or difficulty and every time I finally do the thing I regret not having done it sooner.

Overall I think this is a great sketch, good overall composition, well proportioned, well formed breasts, hair, and sheet/prop. The neck is obscured by the hair in a way that gives it the impression of being abnormally skinny at the base, but that's more of a nit picky opinion than a true critique.


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