5 mn poses

by GdlB, April 3rd 2024 © 2024 GdlB

Still working on drawing with elbow and shoulder.
Think I'm gonna go back to class mode next time.

Polyvios Animations

Hello again, GdlB. Welcome back!

Say, you're doing a still boldest and strongest and most ambitious job on your 5 minute gestures yet. I still positively, absolutely think you're making the greatest of progress, as lines of action and rhythm go. I feel that I hope you're done with my suggestion yet, because I'm seeing the most mousiest stiffness melting away almost completely. When you're through with your 105 mins of 5 min pose drawings, would you like to please go through with 106 minutes of 2 minute attitude sketches, in 2 days, all done underhandedly, and all done with either shoulder?(The wrist could and would be, by default, for the smallest details, but not for long)

The intelligent premise behind this constructive suggestion is consequently, your poses and anatomy can and will and must be drawn most solidly, fluidly, and liveliest yet! So, for most information, just please look into these two Proko videos on gesture drawing, and more:



Let's hope they can and will be the most concretest.