2 mn poses

by GdlB, April 4th 2024 © 2024 GdlB

Done as part of a practice session with poses of 2 minutes in length.

Tried to focus a bit more on the muscles.

My current goal is: Improve at correctly capturing the overall proportions of the human form

Polyvios Animations

Hello and another good morning, Gdl. Nicest and most strongest and totally ambitious performance on your gesture sketches. Please do push yourself to the hardest extreme. But, question: are you your really clearest in your current goal? Because if you are, then please excellerate your drawing speed with 107 minutes of 60 second (1 minute) poses, whenever and however you're done with your 106 mins of 2 min poses, all done from either shoulder, and all done with either underhand position???

I know from experience, by doing this thing, then your line and shape economy must be the most sharpest, but the reason is, if your goal is the most concretest, then your drawing progress can and must grow the most exponentially. For most details, check out this tip:

Take a nap

To Learn the newest move, exaggerate it most broadly

Daniel Coyle, The Little Book of Talent.

(two actually)

I hope you can and will find these things the most absolutely practical.

Aunt Herbert

It's a bit hard to see what you are doing in that tiny scale. And frankly, if that hasn't been copied together but is actually drawn on a single page, then you should urgently change the scale at which you practise.

You are practically drawing exclusively with the tip of your fingers, the same muscles and nerves that you trained, when you learned to write. If you want to get into drawing, you can't avoid learning to draw from your wrist, elbow, and even shoulder, too, or you will never be able to draw at a scale, that allows you to reasonably include any amount of detail.

Anything you train and practise at that micro-scale, you will later on have to retrain anyways.

Use a page that size to draw one or two figures, that fill the page. You will need to buy a lot more paper for your practice that way, but you don't need fancy artisan paper or anything, just a big box of cheap office supply will do.


Hello, thanks for your critique.
Actually, I draw on a graphic tablet on adobe fresco (kind of a simplified photoshop). The way u see the characters here doesn't show the true scale. Each drawing has the scale of my screen, but in order to summarize for critics in this website, I resize the pictures and put them together in a same page. But u're might be right in the fact that it appears less clear for you to analyze. I just didn't find the way to import different pictures in one post.

Aunt Herbert

OK, the hand-drawn line between figure 13 and 14 made me think, this was done on actual paper, and then it would be tiny.

For critique, maybe it is enough to post 2 or 3 examples of your work. It is understood, that you draw a lot more, but for getting an impression and giving training tips a few examples will do, as your drawing skills are unlikely to vary a great deal between individual attempts.