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by Quentin, April 5th 2024 © 2024 Quentin


I have been practicing quite a lot on this site and have noticed some significant improvement. However, now I feel like I've hit a plateau. That's why I'd like to post my first sketch here, featuring three different figures, to seek help in improving my drawing skills. If you have any tips or critiques for my sketches, please don't hesitate to share them. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated : ))

Polyvios Animations

Hello, Quentin, and welcome to Line of Action. I'm Polyvios Animations, and how are you this afternoon. You know, great job on your control and articulation of contours and gestures (forces) of the figure drawings above. But, I'm still not getting enough of the sheer intensity of the looser lines of action and rhythm yet. Would you like to kindly just be on board with your very first 30-minute class mode of figures?

The reason why that if you take this 30-minute class, then your lines of action and rhythm can and will become more dynamic, gutsier, and more spontaneous in terms of how greatly you communicate the inner feelings and moods of the characters. So, for more information, please pick up a copy of the Walt Stanchfield (Modern Disney) in PDF form here.

Good luck to you and your process and your march of progress.



First of all, thank you for your response.

I'm already committing to a substantial amount of 30-minute classes, striving to do at least one per day. However, I feel that I often spend too much time contemplating where to place my lines. From what I gathered from your answer, it seems I should aim for more spontaneity. Moving forward, my focus will be on better capturing the line of action to achieve more expressive poses.

I will definitely read the book you recommended : )


I think these are great but something I love doing to add more characteristic to my figure drawings and make them less 'stiff'? is to add lines that aren't actually there. It's a bit difficult to explain, sometimes i will add lines because they fit in with the dynamic of the pose despite not actually being on the drawing, and sometimes it's about adding an extra depth to the drawing.


Thanks for your answer. I kind of see what you are talking about even though having an image could really help me out : )

Iris Washington

I love how confident your lines are, and how subtle your line of action is, but it does wonders for the flow of the anatomy. The poses feel like they are grounded in some places (the rear on the middle 10 min, and the arm bracing the 15 minute), but in others, they seem to float in space (the legs/feet of the middle 10 minute, the bottom half of the 15 minute). I think part of this is because those parts are just slightly off in angle and don't appear to be affected by the surface. By that I mean, in the middle 10 minute, you can tell she's on the ground because of the way her rear flattens against it. However, the feet don't reflect this. Otherwise, a great start! I am so curious about what your more recent work looks like!


Thanks for your answer. I see what you mean i will try to focus more on what you told me, the fact that i didn't take into account how the floor changes the shape of the body : )

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