elephant study

by Pastabrother, April 20th 2024 © 2024 Pastabrother

A study of elephants... done with Pitt Artist Pen brush.

Would love a critic... this is my first one after upgrade.

Thx Pasta

Aunt Herbert

Interesting. My first impression was "Wow, looks amazing", second thought was, "But wait, there is something quite a bit off, too". Now I am struggling a bit with sorting out those two impressions and trying to attach them to distinct observations.

I think your use of darkness values is pristine, looks great, also your separation of outlines from value and structure works really beautiful.

I think I have nailed down what irritated me a bit, and that is some of your bigger lines are too much assembled from small details, which makes every bump and ditch look overexaggerated. Biggest offender as example is the top line on the elephant on the upper left. It should be one or two curves, that are maybe accented from a few wrinkles, but it looks like a rocky mountaintop, that only randomly resembles the back of an animal a bit.

But overall the amazing quality of the way you managed to indicate the skin texture, and your keen eye for shapes and forms easily carries the drawings.

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Polyvios Animations

Hello, Pasta, and thank you for your first ever art post of your ink drawing. Greatest job on your baby elephant gesture drawings, forces, silhouettes,👥 relationships, colors, and tones. That's my first impression. My second impression,some of the wrinkliest skins of those elephants are putting us off too much. Would you like to please just boil down the elephants' gestalts and forces with 6 minutes of 2 minute poses of mammals and others, using your non-dominant hand?

The explanation is this, while the wobbliest lines are perfectly normal for those most relatively newest to drawing from their non-dominants, yet it can and will smooth itself out with the most time. If you just draw quickest sketches with your other hand, then you can and will make your pachyderms the least lumpiest and the most boiled down to their most rawest essences of their compositions.

Let's hope they can, shall, and will be totally, completely, and absolutely practical.

A Child24

I LOVE these drawings, the medium you chose also seems to work really well for this style. I think that the legs may have posed a bit of an issue, perhaps looking more at the bone structure for the animal you're trying to render may be a good idea. I think the issue you're having could be solved by taking a look at some images of the way that the muscles and bones lie on top of eachother, as well as how the bones create the joint structure for these specific animals as it's usualy prety weirdly constructed in comparison to human limbs.


These drawings are amazing and the pen brush seems like it's perfect for drawing these elephants. My main critique is with the details. It might help you to take a step back from the details and focus on the main shapes. I think it will help capture the essence of the elephant without making the drawing feel too busy. For drawing the main shape, it always helps me to look at the negative space between body parts. This may also help fix some slight proportion errors. Either way, this is beautiful!

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