by Aunt Herbert, April 25th 2024 © 2024 Aunt Herbert
Polyvios Animations

Greatest work on your most boldest shaded pose above, but I'm not getting enough of the most caricatured design yet. Would you like to make your figure drawings the most cartooniest and funniest with 47 minutes of 1 minute poses?

As a result, your figures and more can and will and gotta be the most caricatured, exaggerated and most funniest in terms of the gestures and organic constructed forms.

So, for most details, look at this video down below:

Even if this video is at an AI upscale,(guilty admitance at that) though you'd be able to take it with the most littlest teeny-weeniest grain of salt:

Good luck to you and your quest for the extraordinary.

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