Volume studies

by Toxin, January 13th 2019 © 2019 Toxin

Any tips on what i should be doing.


You do the same as I do...too many lines ....rather tell me or us a simple lines pose that tells us a story that goes with that pose.....is it reaching for something,,,,running from something or another someone.....so on and so forth....and by all means draw at least 25 pages per day or more if ya get in the draw groove as it were,,,,25 pages each and every day...and if you get in a rut...[ which is every artists does that draws this many pages per day...then draw the poses upside down...trust me this works for getting one out of a drawing rut...]....and keep going, for you have the passion for telling us a story or stories with your poses and then some..


Dude, you're using volumes my man...eeeeh woman...?! I LOVE YOU FOR IT. The cross contours on the arms and legs are bananas and falling off the edge of your figures my dude. fix it! ( ◞・౪・)