More Heads and Lightning

by Pastabrother, May 2nd 2024 © 2024 Pastabrother
Polyvios Animations

Hello and good morning again, Pasta 🍝. Nicest job on your head's and lighting's forces, shapes, spaces, and forms, and how well the lights and shadows are most readable on their forms. However, I ask you, how long did you take to do that drawing above? Therefore, I'm not getting enough of the most flow and most fluidity of your head and face gestures yet. How would you like to please go ahead with 106 minutes of expressive faces, all flipped vertically, then all flipped horizontally, but all done from your non-dominant hand?

As a result, your segue into your right side of your brain can and will be the most painless, as you can and will be the most mystical but fully intuitive in your face and expression lines of action. So, for furthest info, please look into the Bridgman book here, for it’s one of his books.

My hat's off to you, and thanks.

Aunt Herbert

Love the shadow forms.

When drawing lips, you should stop yourself from automatically drawing an outline around them, though, unless someone visibly applied lipstick. Looks a bit like you symbolized lips from your expectation about what they should look like, instead of actually observing them.

Which is in contrast with the rest of your drawing. If I put my thumb over the lips and the chin, the impression of overall quality jumps up quite a notch. (chin also seems to be a bit too big and pointy, but I don't know the reference.)

Aunt Herbert

OK, I got a weird video recommendation

You might ask yourself, how that could be interesting, it's about anime, and the guy seems a bit weird, but don't watch the whole thing, watch from around 3 minutes to around 7 minutes.

Those triangles he is talking about might not apply to every realistic face from side view, but I guess knowing about them, and checking, whether they might apply to a side view and the correllation of nose tip, lips and chin, gives a bit of extra orientation.


Make the forehead a protrude outward - instead of sloping inward like ( it should go out in almost a < way. The shading of the cheek is excellent and clearly shows the light contrasting with the shadow.

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