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General Winter

Hi Aunt Herbert!
Very nice woodcut-like effect.
I have a couple of small remarks of what I'd do different.
First, the shoulder of the relaxed arm looks quite stiff. this usually doesn't happen in a natural pose. I would consider lowering and rounding out that shoulder a bit.

Second, keep in mind that, in a relaxed arm, the elbow is usually around waist-level and not higher.

Third, consider the shape and width of the hips. I find a more natural shape would be a bit wider. We see tummy in the front, but not as much on the side.

Finally, I find the head is a bit too small! Your head is about 9:1, which, unless intentional, should be a bit of a smaller ratio.

Here is a photo to illustrate what I meant.


Aunt Herbert

Thanks, you are right, the proportions are way off on this one. To be honest, the white line underneath the right shoulder that indicates the side of the torso was added after scanning with a white eraser and the mouse, else the torso would have looked even more ridiculous.

I was still mentally in 1 minute sketching mode; the cockyness of the pose impressed me and I wanted to catch it in one big, but quick line, and was hurrying too much to measure for proportions before I just threw it down. Then I realized, that the class mode had switched to a 5 minute timer, and I had 4 minutes left to polish the turd and put some pretty details on a botched foundation.

Lesson to me:

Either do what you preach and stay away from rushing the shorties, so you maintain a constant working speed, or

at least, when you realize, you started with the wrong tempo, restart the drawing with a new attempt.

I am happy to see someone taking the time and actually giving me a detailed critique, a lot of people seem to be too shy for it for some reason, and it really helps me to reflect on my drawing process and analyze the source of my mistakes. So thanks a lot for your comment.

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