by Pastabrother, May 13th 2024 © 2024 Pastabrother

Still on the long and hard road to get it all-right, proportions, placing, shading and style... But I see progress and I think I will get there some day ... I hope the fun will not stop then...

All the best from a joyous journey ...

Your Pasta

Polyvios Animations

Hello and good morning again, Pasta. Greatest job on your strongest range of observation and caricature in your subtlest realistic faces and expressions in terms of the strongest gestures, strongest spaces, relationships, tones, and of course, styles. But I'm not getting enough of that most gestural and craziest contrasts in facial relationships yet. Would you care to go ahead with loosening up but livening up your expressions and faces with two 5-minute drawings, all done from your arms for your loosest lines of action, balance, and rhythms.

The premise behind this thing is because, your face sketches can and will become the most boiled down but fully holistic in your shorthand drawings, for even if you work most slowly but carefully. So for most tips and tricks, please look into the Eliot Goldfinger Human Anatomy book at your local secondhand bookstore or online at My hat's off to you!

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