by 低温チキン, May 15th 2024 © 2024 低温チキン

Today's Practice

Basketball: 10 poses of 30 seconds each
Sketch of building blocks, overhead view

I'm not used to using a tablet, so it's hard for me to draw clean lines.

When posing with a sword drawn out or holding a heavy firearm, it may be easier to create a sense of weakness and tension by imagining the poses before and after.

Polyvios Animations

Hello and good morning, Chicken, and nicer job on your grace and elegance of your lines of action and balance in your figure pictures. And furthermore, greater job equally on your building blocks on your tablet. Please do push yourself forward even more. Therefore, I'm still not even getting enough your bolder and vital quality to your line spontaneity and punch to your blocks and figures. Would you like to do 11 29 second poses of figures of basketball.

The reason behind this logic is because your basketball attitudes can and will and shall be pictures as less stiffer but more dynamic, fluider, and energetic in guts. For even more details and information, kindly look into this video by Proko here:

?feature=shared Remember, have fun with these!


Thanks again for your comments.

I will take the time to look at it over the weekend.

Bria Therese

The feet could use some work, but otherwise this is incredible!

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