Sculpture bust study & some 2 minute expressions

by Kennisendit, July 9th 2024 © 2024 Kennisendit

Trying to remember how to shade with the bust study from a reference image on Pinterest. I've been doing a lot of quick drawings so I wanted to take my time with something. The hair is not fully rendered but I was more fixated on getting the face right.

The expressions were 2-minutes long each. I want to get better at capturig the likeness of the reference subject. With quick drawings, I find I spend less time on measurement and just try to get as much information down as possible. Any tips on capturing likeness?

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Hello again, Kennisendit. I think your facial expression drawings have the most readability of the internal emotions and moods of the faces and heads. I feel that they still need the most dynamic, vital but most energetic lines and soul of them. Would you like to please just go ahead with 10 1-minute drawings of faces and facial expressions?

The logical explanation is because your facial bones and muscles and forces can and will become the most exaggerated, funniest, liveliest, but totally and fully motivated from within, as you're sketching them. So for most details, kindly refer to the images from that Animation book by Nancy Beiman, who's recently retired, God bless her.

My hat's off to you.


Thank you for the suggestion! I will definitely check out Nancy Beiman. :)
It's true that sometimes the emotion (and therefor spirit of the subject) can be the key being capturing a closer likeness. I'll work on my exaggeration for these quicker sketches.

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