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Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: I don't know! I am an absolute beginner; I'm here to study the basics of rendering


So you got the essecse of what a pose is....now tell me or us a story that goes with this pose...and yes that line from the hip the extends out...THAT IS THE ACTION LINE THAT you should go for ...as in a pose of a girl that has her leg spread apart and standing tall aginst ....???????....an outer space creature....or a bad motorcycle character that is about to attack....in another words, tell us a story that goes with the poses that you will show all of us in the very near future. please and thanks !!!!!!!!!...stop holding back ...and just go fer it,,,


Personally I just think you're on the right track but you need to show volume and your proportions still need work, got dat t-rex arm cuz this doods arms lack direction, ya feel me? ( ᐛ )و

Kim - Site admin

Love the color choice! :D

I wonder what would happen if you took the time you had spent on shading at this pose length and instead did contour lines to show volume/curvature? I bet that would increase the learning value of this pose length for you somewhat. :)

Blue Tygar

You're doing very good so far. You got a good sense of volume and did well with following the line of action.

What you can approve on is the shading a bit, so far you've done well with this one but you might need to work on cast and core shadows for some variety in rendering. Keep the edges hard on shadows that are cast from a different object (The shadow cast from the hand on the chest) then soften the shadows that just follows the form of the object (the shadows around the thigh, neck, arms, etc.)

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