113 wheelchair reference poses from Criptid Cosplay

Today, CriptidCosplay's wonderful wheelchair use artist reference collection comes to Line of Action! All 113 are available right away for everyone.

This collection is educational in so many ways. It includes photos of two different kinds of wheelchairs - one that is manual and one that is battery powered. It includes photos of the same model before and after gender-affirming surgery (in the before images, Criptid is wearing a chest binder.) There is a wide variety of poses and props.

As you may know, many people who are disabled and need a wheelchair do have some use of their legs, and may even be able to walk for short distances. Some of these poses reflect this ability.

CriptidCosplay (he/they) wanted you to know that for more realism, you may wish to draw your characters that use manual wheelchairs with gloves. They said, "Most wheelchair users wear gloves, myself included. I did not wear mine for these photos because my gloves are black and that would be quite hard to see."

Check out these example photos:


For more information on this collection, please see what CriptidCosplay wrote about it themselves here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xGEawYctAxl7gWR4VORs1C6dMV4hFu1qmTwmRitnfYs/edit


Muralsby Nora

these are great and so useful

Polyvios Animations

Very great and practical and useful, indeed!

Sanne - Site moderator

These are AMAZING and I'm so stoked about the new category!!!

Paul Miller (unregistered visitor)

Hi there,
I'm Paul based in London.
I gave up life modelling because of Parkinson's (couldn't stay still).
The disease have had an effect on my body, twisting me up.
If someone would like to photograph me for your site I'd be delighted.
I have no problems with nudity.

Kim - Site admin

Hi Paul,

I'll email you directly :)

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