18 new plus sized photos from Dierdre

Deirdre is back with 18 new photos for everyone! Posed in bright sunlight, she appears in happy, neutral and curious poses. These will start appearing in the figure study rotation right away, for both free users and subscribers.

Here's a sampling of the photos in this batch:




Polyvios Animations

Awesomely gorgeous and distinguished photo job, eh, Diedre? Way to go.



Destiny Malone

a plus sized person this makes me hppy

Mandy Wyrd

She's a cutie, too. :D

Reimi (unregistered visitor)

Hi, I was wondering if there is a way of contacting Deirdre? I was wanting to use the first pose as a reference for a painting (I’m just learning to paint), but I would like to have her permission first, since I’m not sure if she would be comfortable (I would also want to post the painting, so it would be great to have permission for that too).

Thank you for reading and I would really appreciate an answer.

Kim - Site admin

Our pose references are here for the purpose of referencing for drawing/painting, so you are welcome to do this. However, since it sounds like you feel more comfortable getting the permission directly from the model, I passed on your email to Dierdre and you should hear from them soon :) (then I removed your email from your comment so it wouldn't be found by spambots or other malicious actors.)


Nice poses to Deirdre.

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