33 new cat photos from Jenny Thalheim

I'm still working on sorting the next few batches of Anastasia poses, but don't worry, there's still a new set of photos today. :) Today the animal study tool has gained 33 new photos by Jenny Thalheim of a smoked British shorthair housecat. All 33 are available immediately to everyone.

My favorite photos in this series are of this handsome fellow engaged in some meticulous grooming. Here's a few examples:


Happy practicing!



Cutie cat! ❤️❤️❤️


He says thanks :)

Polyvios Animations

British Shorthairs are one of my cutest cats, next to Tabbies.


This little rascal lived in our backyard and we took him in. I just learned from the vet, that he is a housecat / British Shorthair hybrid, this is why he has this unique look. :) I love to draw all his cute round forms and am very happy to share this pleasure with you guys :)


Aw so precious!


he's so cute! and beautiful smoky fur :)

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