360° pose viewers

Happy Thanksgiving to our US users. :)

I have a fun surprise for everyone today: 360° pose viewers.

We're starting with just 6 or so poses from each of 3 models: Javani, Olga, and Rose, giving us a total of 20 different poses to examine in the round.

I expect to add many more poses as we enter the new year. These pose viewers are untimed; you can rotate the figure at whatever speed you like in order to study the differences of each angle.

This update comes with a few other small quality of life upgrades and bug fixes folded into it, such as the ability to swipe left and right to change images on touch devices, and a fix to using the spacebar to advance through class mode tips occasionally causing the program to crash.

I have a juicy development path planned for Line of Action in 2022, and I'm so looking forward to being able to dive in in earnest. Thanks so much to all of you for helping make this site - and my work on it - possible.



Amazing! Thank you!

Kim - Site admin

You're so welcome! I'm glad you like it :)

Kim - Site admin
Jane Sunshine11

Wow that's great!!


That's really cool !! Thanks :)

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