68 still life photos

I am gradually adjusting my shooting setup and getting results I like more as we go with these.

This release is a mix of basic shapes and common objects, including a loaf of bread made at home, and plums from my parents' tree. I hope you find these interesting to draw!


You can find this whole set in the Basic Shapes & Still Life tool today, free for everyone.



This is an amazing addition!

Kim - Site admin

I'm so glad you like it! :)


I LOVE the still life category so much. I really hope it stays and I hope it can be one of the free categories too. Such a great foundation for learning lighting, three-dimensionality and perspective!

Kim - Site admin

I'm SO glad to hear this! So far the plan is definitely for it to stay and for everyone to have access, though there will probably eventually be additional photos in it available to subscribers. :)

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