Alex breaks out the retro props

This week, Alex makes the most of a chair and stool for a range of new poses. He also brings us some retro props including a landline telephone and a boombox.

This release contains 8 images that are free to everyone, and another 60 that are only available to full subscribers. Thank you so much to all our subscribers, your support makes this site and photoshoots like this possible. :)

Here are a few sample images:


Myfo (unregistered visitor)

Please no more Alex T.T
There's a ton of him already

Kim - Site admin

I have a handful more releases of stuff from this photoshoot, and then we'll move on to the next model :)


Wonderful posing and lighting, this photoshoot has had such wonderful variety and consistent quality, they have been some of my favorite poses while doing figure studies recently!

Kim - Site admin

I'm so glad to hear that! I'm sure Alex will appreciate it too :)

Ko Kabegami

Been loving Alex & all his poses!
I absolutely adore the direction line of action is going with adding more diverse models. I hope we will see more diverse models like Alex & Criptid Cosplay in the future. :)

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