Anatomy For the Artist

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Anatomy For the Artist is not an exhaustive encyclopedia of anatomy. You can certainly get more complete books. It chooses instead to explore a few foundational areas of anatomy, and does an excellent job of it. It gives just enough depth to help obtain a more intuitive understanding of underlying anatomical structures and how they are useful for artists without overwhelming. Personally, every time I thumb through this book I find a new tidbit and go away inspired to put the information into practice.

Each chapter in this book ends with a "master class." These sections relate the anatomy that was just covered to famous paintings, detailing how great artists such as Jean-Auguste Ingres, Jose de Ribera, Francis Bacon and Jacques-Louis David both used and defied anatomical knowledge to emphasize emotion and meaning. It provides a gratifying look ahead to what all this anatomical study is actually good for in an artistic practice, whether or not your ultimate goal is to render realistic images.

In summary: Anatomy for the Artist is not a dry manual or an exhaustive reference. Instead, reading it is a rich experience of stunning photography and clear expository illustrations that will help to create a more intuitive understanding of the foundations of human anatomy.


Dominique Squire (unregistered visitor)

Nice job!


I bought this book last year at my university, because they were using it in the anatomy figure drawing class. Its helped me a lot and I always go back to use it as reference. Out of all the anatomy books I've looked through and even have on my shelf, this one is by far my favourite.

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