Another facial expression model joins the fray

This week we added the facial stylings of this handsome chap:



As well as some great hand poses from him



Amongst all the models that volunteered at that shoot, he definitely wins the award for reddest pants.

So far, the hands & feet and face tools have hundreds and hundreds of photos in them. I'm loving the variety I see in my practice sessions -- it's hard for me to believe that we still have a few hundred to go before we've managed to post everything from our first photo shoot.

And right around that time that we're running out, we'll be neck-deep in wrangling up models for the second. This process has been so rewarding, fun, and meaningful. Thank you all for making it possible.


Kuroonehalf (unregistered visitor)

Just want to say thanks once again for doing all of this and keeping us in the loop. It's much appreciated. :>

Kim - Site admin

Thank you for saying so! It's a pick me up. :)

Tripleguess (unregistered visitor)

This is so great. Thank you.

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