Chinese (simplified) version released

Thank you to everyone who helped to translate the site into simplified Chinese. I was alerted over the weekend that the volunteers had completed reviewing and correcting the 1000+ machine translated words and phrases and felt that it was ready for release. It is my privilege to announce that the fruits of that labor are now available to everyone.

You can see the simplified Chinese version of the site here: Or, find the flag of China in the bar at the top of the site.

This is truly amazing to see!

If you were one of the volunteers who helped with this, please check your email for a notice sent via poeditor. :)


Leon Tung

Thank you very much for your hard work!

Cara (unregistered visitor)

Congratulations! I noticed that there's also many texts which are not translated correctly. With the Chinese version maybe we can improve them in later days:)

Kim - Site admin

Yes, we will definitely have some updates soon. I noticed you are doing some corrections in POEditor as well, that is excellent. :)

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