"Cottagecore" plus sized figure photos

Photographer Deirdre is back with a small set of photos of our most requested body type, sporting a style she calls "cottagecore." These photos have been added to the figure study tools for everyone's use, free of charge. :)

Here's a little sample:



Thank you Deirdre! These are beautiful


those kind of pictures are adorable T~T





Tara Art

How do I search for these to draw them as a set?

Kim - Site admin

We don't currently have a search feature, but I hope to change that over the coming months. :)

Mx. Abi

Thank you so much! These are WONDERFUL

evangeline bratt (unregistered visitor)

60 minutes was not enough time so I want to get back to where I was and add 30 more seconds. Just trying to find my way back. Thank you for offering this opportunity to practice drawing.


Thanks. This is really helpful.

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