Expanding on Singular Basic Shapes

In my last update to the Basic Shapes & Objects tool, I had added a filter for single objects, but there were only 13 photos in that category. Today, we're bringing that category closer to respectability, with 114 individual basic shapes photos with a variety of light intensities.



I have also done a shoot with everyday objects like tools and kitchen implements. I am processing those photos and should release them soon.


Phobos Anomaly

This is very, very welcome! Thank you.


thank you for your hard work!!!

Polyvios Animations

Thank you very much for your hardest work!

Andressa Andrd

I was thrilled to see this update! I've been wanting to go back to the basics, to learn more about shapes and how to make them interesting... This is just perfect! Really, thank you so much! I'll continue to recommend LoA to all of my artist friends. =)

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