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Hi all! Did you notice that this week we launched a new feature for the Figure Drawing tool? You can now choose to include or exclude specific age ranges. We had been getting requests for the ability to filter out children and babies and have them be part of their own practice sessions, given their dramatically different proportions from adults.

As you know, we do not have any nude photos of minors, so make sure you select "All models" or "Only covered models" when choosing to work exclusively with images of minors -- otherwise, you won't have any photos!


Igor (unregistered visitor)

Quero desenvolver meu traço

Harry Hacksaw

Great improvement.

Wa556 563

Hello, I like that you have put these options, but I think it would also be good to put photos of the elderly, and in the expressions, hands and feet, it would also be good to put that option, due to their differences.


That's a great idea, i have very little practice drawing older people

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