Forums repaired and progress on hands & feet tool

Over the last few weeks I'd been running into a lot of problems with the forum software that we use, until it eventually just gave out on us. I apologize for the time that the forums were down. With some updating and further monkeying, it looks like the forums are once again up and running. Hurrah!

In the meanwhile, we've been playing with ways to set up the hands & feet shoot -- here are a few test shots from the most recent trial run:

Test shot

Test shot 2

I think this may be the setup we go with. I love the crisp detail and the shadows that clearly show the depth and articulation of this very complex human feature.

In the meanwhile, we've continued to receive occasional sporadic donations for site development, and I am tentatively putting that money toward an environmental practice tool. I say tentatively because I want to make sure I hold some money in reserve for unexpected expenses on the hundreds of hands & feet images we're going to need, but so far we're staying well within budget!

Requests for a tool that uses images of landscapes, buildings and interiors are easily the second most common request I receive, and it looks like it may arrive hot on the heels of the hands & feet tool. This is a really exciting time for our little site! Thank you to everyone who has helped make it possible, sincerely from the bottom of my heart. And, I suspect, from all of our collective artist's hearts as well.


Mouse (unregistered visitor)

OMG, environmental practice tool? That's some exciting tentative news! Would that be a third project upon the completion of the hands and feet tool?

Kim - Site admin

Sort of! I'm doing a little bit of work on it right now. The hands & feet tool is likely to land square in the middle, take priority for awhile, and indeed make it public before the environments one does.

Rebecca (unregistered visitor)

You're a legend, I can't thank you enough for the practice tools. They've helped me so much. I can't wait for the hands one too!

Ninjacat (unregistered visitor)

Thank you so much for creating this website, it has really helped me a lot. I also want to thank to those who have donated! You are wonderful people.


Will this be including male hands and feet as well, or female only?

Kim - Site admin

Male and female, young and old, dark and light, left and right and both hands, with and without props.

Our test model at the shoots where we are figuring out the best lighting setups just happened to be female. :)


Sounds good, I'm glad all bases are being covered. Now if I can scratch up some extra coin to donate...and if I can't now, I definitely will later :)


thank you for whole this site. this is something what helping beginners to be better artists. thank you for all of us.


Hello people! I am new on the site so i'm pretty much just browsing around. this is a really awesome website. Hands and feets are my weaknesses so I am super interested in this program. (forget my english, it's not my maternal


I'm writing to the Pope to have you sainted. THANK YOU for this website!

Kim - Site admin

You are so kind!

Kyle (unregistered visitor)

Gah! I was thinking "this tool is so great if only it had environments" and then you just read my friggin' mind.

I can't explain in words how happy this website makes me.

Tripleguess (unregistered visitor)

This is truly wonderful news. Thank you for putting together this website and for adding tools to make it even better. It has genuinely helped me and, I'm sure, many others. It's one of those ideas that is so good you have to wonder "Why didn't anyone do this before??"

Thanks again. =)


Awesome! This site is great.

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