Get ready for some huge study photo drops over the next three months

In early spring, I was busy trying to plan an official Line of Action photoshoot. I wanted it to include a wide range of diverse models to really expand our catalog with more skin colors, ages, body types, weights, gender presentations. And then the pandemic hit, and everything had to go on hold as me and my weak immune system went into strict home quarantine, where I still remain 8 months later -- as I know many of you are, as well.

Even so, we've had some amazing submissions from third party photographers this year, often photographing themselves in the safety of their own homes or studios. So our study collection continued to expand, and I have been so happy and grateful to be able to share their work with all of you. Please support their contributions by adding their work to your study photo rotation for about $1.49 - $2.49 a batch!

There was something positive for us that came from the pandemic -- more people signing up for Line of Action memberships. We also received a generous donation from a professor that took us up on our offer to give free full membership to their students during a semester where they could not use live models due to the pandemic.

Those two sources of support for the site meant that we we were able to commission a photographer in a country that was able to control their outbreaks and lift their lockdowns.

Our photographer, Ivan, did a full day of shooting with each of two models, Olga and Javani. These two are helping us to add more beautiful rolls and melanin to our collection!

The result so far has been roughly a thousand photos of each model - there's even some faces & expressions and hands in there as well, so all 3 of our human-study tools will benefit from these shoots!

I'm working on sorting, cropping, uploading, categorizing, tagging and scheduling these photos. Over the next couple of months, we'll be doing weekly releases of these photo batches as I get them ready. Each release will include some photos that are free for everyone, and others that will be for full members only to thank them for the support that makes this site - and photoshoots - possible.

Thank you to everyone whose support made this project possible! I hope we will be able to do many more such shoots in future, and truly diversify our study collection.


Tx Williep

Excellent. Plus size models should be welcomed. Locally we have a life drawing session (currently on hold) that uses plus size models. They provide interesting shapes to draw and have done an excellent job. Check out some of the pictures in my sketchbook. The more models the better.

TX Williep

Polyvios Animations

Dear Kim,

Thanks for the photos. And I just want to tell you to keep your quarantine and immune system flying higher, higher, and highest!

Get well the soonest!!

Polyvios Animations


Wonderful! Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this site! I can't wait to see these new photos!


this is great!

123 Arthur



Bravo! I appreciate the work you have ahead of you to get these images formatted, tagged, and published on the site. They will be a wonderful addition.

Kim - Site admin

I bet you do! :D

Dallas (unregistered visitor)

I would love to assist with your need for model diversity.

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