Holy crap -- new figure drawing images!

It's been a long long while since we saw new full-body models for the figure study tool, but over the last week we assembled just over 50 new images for you!



There's lots more, but I know some of you prefer to use the tools with the "Decent" models only filter enabled, so I won't post more previews here. Happy drawing!!  


Tripleguess (unregistered visitor)

Very cool! I'm off to use these right now! Thank you so much.

Kim - Site admin

Glad to hear it! Keep up the good study habits! :D

Nico (unregistered visitor)

Thank you, this web is awesome ;)

Kim - Site admin

You're very welcome, awesome user.

Dahrius (unregistered visitor)

hi again guys and first I have to thanks again for the effort you put in this and I want to give you an idea if I may.
what about also adding on the future to this tool pictures from unorthodox point of view for a figure and gesture study. here is what I have in mind: picture taken of the person while in different position but in plus also from different angle like from right above the head or from the end of the an hand or leg (pictures in which you see the whole body). like that you learn anatomy also from a more extreme angle and get a better 3d understanding of it

Kim - Site admin

We have a very few foreshortened photos like this in the figures. It's definitely something we plan to capture when we start taking our own full-figure images -- as you can learn in the FAQ, you'll see that when I started the site I was at the mercy of what photographers donated, so there just weren't a lot of submissions like that.

However, after the fundraiser to get a photographer, models and a studio, we created the hands & feet and the faces tool, and you'll find a much wider variety of angles there. :) So the process has already begun.


Thank you!!This sites is so great!!

Kim - Site admin

Thank YOU!

Katiane Vaz

this site is too good ... Congratulations

sexymitch (unregistered visitor)

OMG guys your the best this is the best site ever :D you guys have everything people ,faces, hands ,and animals FTW i love this site

Rebecca Diener (unregistered visitor)

I just used your site for my AP Drawing class at the high school level. The students really enjoyed it! The only thing they were all wishing for was a count down clock on each image to let them know how much time they had left. I will definitely be utilizing this site again. Thanks:)

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