Hugely requested photo bundles from Betsy and David Art Models

Oh friends, I am always happy to announce new photos from Betsy and David, but my excitement meter is dialed all the way up today --

After hearing the community's wide interest in having "every day life" style nude poses, and for challenging foreshortening images, Betsy and David created two series of photos specifically to address those needs. They even went so far as to acquire new equipment in order to get better, more unusal angles for studying.

Get these photos into your practice rotation TODAY:

Get the Foreshortening Challenge Poses here

Get the Everyday Life Poses here



A huge thanks to Betsy and David for their contributions!

Mx. Abi

Already paid for! This is absolutely wonderful!
Thank you!

ScionStorm (unregistered visitor)

I teach a class of grade school art. How are you guys on updating the clothed figure reference library?

Kim - Site admin

@ScionStorm - You may want to check out if you haven't already? :) There's about 150 new images there.


Hi. I wanted to ask about these bundles. It says that It's available to all members, but I've been practicing since then, and I haven't stumbled upon a single one of them. Do I need to do anything for them to appear?

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