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A lot of things have happened since I last posted here.

When last I gave you an update, I was preparing for a second photo shoot to generate more original images for our tools -- this time, we were lining up models over 60 and under 15 to round out our collections of hands, feet and faces. Unfortunately, a few weeks before the day of the shoot, the photographer I had been working with had a family crisis and needed to step out. At that point, I was paralyzed by uncertainty, and lost a lot of time just trying to figure out what to do next. It had taken long enough to find a photographer I loved in the first place. There had been some false starts with others, who had disappointed in various ways for various reasons, so I was overjoyed when this one stepped in and made the first photo shoot so successful.

I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't know how long she would be tied up with family matters, so I didn't know whether it was worth going through the process of searching for and vetting a new photographer. By the time it became crystal clear that no, I should not wait on her, a few months had passed and I became busy with my own work and life. So I put the money for the shoot back into the bank and have been holding onto it until the next opportunity presented itself.

Time passed. I answered emails and gathered photos for an environment study tool, but at first was too overwhelmed with work to keep up with making blog posts, and then a little embarrassed to make blog posts after such a long gap. I kept saying, when I finally get the shoot together, then I'll have something really great to post!

Then last night a group calling itself "The Islamic State" attempted to hack this site and post all manner of threatening things. Their attempts were thwarted, and I am spending today hardening the site even further in case they try again with new tactics. I'm furious; I can only assume they object to the site because it's possible to see nude or semi-nude human bodies.

Well, guess what, jerks? We won, and I'm adding a handful of new nude photos to the figure study tool today to celebrate.

Also, if you happen to know a good photographer in the Beaverton/Portland/Tigard Oregon area, send 'em my way! I want to schedule another hands/feet/faces photo shoot for this summer.


Camille Bissuel (unregistered visitor)

Well done for resisting the hack, and keep up !
And don't be sorry for the delayed shoot, the site is very good already, we can wait ...

Becca (unregistered visitor)

I agree with Camille. Thanks for providing such a great service!


This site is a huge contribution to artist!! We use the sessions and are so grateful!! Thanks


This site is a huge contribution to artist!! We use the sessions and are so grateful!! Don't give up. Thanks

Kim - Site admin

Thanks for the support everyone! :)


I'm really sorry to hear this! But I'm really glad you managed to pull through and happy to make this comment today.

I appreciate this site a lot. It's helped me in a lot of ways I hope to share. Please, keep up the good work. This is a commendable project to give back to Art and its community. :)

Tripleguess (unregistered visitor)

I would have been distressed to lose this website. I am so glad it is still here. The photography difficulties are so real life -- goof off and everything's fine, try to do something noble and suddenly the sky rains problems. You have my emotional support, for what it's worth. I hope you keep trying. =) Thanks for providing this website and thank you for improving it and adding even more photos. I have not been able to attend life drawing class for the past three years and were it not for resources like this it would be difficult for me to practice anatomy at all. Thank you again.


ThallenCambricaltran (unregistered visitor)

You could try posting a search add for a job availability for craigslist in that area, or see if there are any groups on Facebook for people looking for or who are photographers. Just a suggestion, glad you kept them at bay!

tuna fuat (unregistered visitor)

Katılmak istiyorum .... Resim yapmak için .....

anonymoose (unregistered visitor)

Good to see the site back up. I find it strange that an islamic group would target a website for artist references and gesture drawings

Srinivas (unregistered visitor)

Thanks for providing such a great service!

incase you didnt know (unregistered visitor)

they are killing people here in Europe

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