Line of Action was on TV!

Okay, so it was a local cable access interview, but it's still quite exciting. :) This was shot back in October, but just recently aired.

We're the first interview in the show!


Brina (unregistered visitor)

This is awesome! It's great hearing how this website came to be and to learn that the reason it was created was the same reason I decided to use it. This interview was so informative and makes me so happy that I decided to use this website to improve my artwork. Thank you for showing the interview and for creating this website!

Kim - Site admin

That's so funny that we had the same motivations! I'm glad you're here too. :)


Kim, I'm so happy for you! LoA has been such a useful tool, and it honestly makes me so happy to see when there are people on Twitter or other social media sites sharing LoA for other artists to use to better themselves. :> Being on TV and having such a broader audience must be amazing as well!

Thank you for creating such an awesome site that helps with not only humans, but animals as well! I've actually learned a lot in the small self appointed classes I've made for myself in the times that I've set aside time for it! ♥

Kim - Site admin

Aww, thanks Jay! I'm really glad it's been useful to you!


So neat to see a face behind this amazing website! And extra awesome bonus: female programmer!

Karina (unregistered visitor)

Coming back to this absolutely wonderful website to dry some more. I have improved so much since I started using this site years and years ago. I just want to say thank you for all the effort and work you have put in this site.


You go girl!

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