More sun and tree poses from Theo

If the last batch of Theo poses left you wanting more, he has a bundle of 26 more outdoor poses in our study store today! Add this collection to your study collection for just $1.49.

Here's how Theo describes this collection:

Some more outdoor shots, this time with high contrast between my body and the foliage of a forest to bring out the contours of my body. I am standing for most of these poses (otherwise my body would get too muddy for the photos), and there are more dynamic dancing, combat, and action poses.

Check out these sample photos:


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Chase Makes Art

Theo's work is incredible! He's consistently my favorite model to draw.



Polyvios Animations

Theo’s body attitudes are awesome. Keep it up. And while you’re at it, Theo. I’m not getting enough of those cartoony and animated muscles. Would you kindly free those up with 10 29-second attitudes? The reason is because you’d be able to control and understand your bones and muscles in real time. Good luck, and I hope this helps.

Kim - Site admin

Are you asking Theo to draw himself?

Polyvios Animations

I know that I feel awkward about doing that, but is criticizing a figure model pretty necessary, I think?



Kim - Site admin

Generally we should only give critiques when asked to do so. :)

Polyvios Animations

Thank you.

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