More Theo beach poses!

If you thought Theo's last set of oiled-skin beach photos was exciting, he's back this week with more! This set are taken under similar circumstances, but this set of 30 photos has been released free, for everyone, and in them he is either draped in a towel or wearing underwear.

As per Theo's norm, this set includes dynamic poses and a range of foreshortening challenges.

In Theo's own words:

This bundle features me in underwear for those concerned with nudity and I would like to offer this free, especially for younger artists. 

Here are a few samples of what you might see appearing in your figure study rotation today:



Thank you so much for these


You're welcome! Feel free to send any sketches my way. Is love to see them

503platypus (unregistered visitor)

I love that camera work.


Thanks. It's self-taken with a timer

503platypus (unregistered visitor)

You are one of the best models on here


Thank-you! I'm flattered!

503platypus (unregistered visitor)

You are welcome, Theo.

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